League Title
The Holy Rune
Start Marina Jidkova
End Marina Jidkova
Level 25
Category Asee-Teph
Rewards 5Silver 88Copper
Previous Contacting Your Patron
Next The Final Offering
Next you will need to find a particular item of great power. It's called a Holy Rune, and they are very hard to come by. But I know that a hero like you will come through and manage to get one!
There's a small chance that you could find one in your travels throughout the world. The most amazing things can show up in places when you least expect them. However, I have heard that a place called the "Item Shop" definitely sells them.
Even though this shall be difficult, you absolutely must get one! The increased protection that the Rune will allow you to earn is invaluable. And without such blessings, the Empire may win the war!


Bring 1 Holy Rune to Marina Jidkova.


It's so beautiful, isn't it? I'm glad you were able to find one. Now there's just one more thing you need. Then the ritual can begin!


  • 5Silver 88Copper


A Holy Rune can be bought from the Item Shop or other players. It is also offered as a reward for the Alternative Methods quest.

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