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The Last Guard
Start Wrokag the Northwind
End Wrokag the Northwind
Level 10 (Req. 9)
Category Nezebgrad
Rewards Shirt of choice
10s 44c
Stay back, you bastard! You won't take me alive!! Oh, you're from the Empire! How did you get here? Have you got any others to help you? Only a few?! Are you planning to deal with all the saboteurs by yourselves?! Impressive…
Me, I got beat up pretty badly. I crawled over here to die in peace, but then you showed up. Looks like it's still too early to die! I'll show these bastards how a real Orc goes out! …Damn, I can't move. It looks like you'll have to go on your own after all.
There shouldn't be too many of them left. Me and the boys managed to take down a fair share of them, but there will be enough left over for you as well. Kill them all! Every last one of them!! And inform Wrokag of what you accomplish, so that he knows that we have had our vengeance!


Kill 10 League soldiers and 8 goblins and report to Wrokag the Northwind.


Each drop of Orcish blood must be paid for with gallons of the enemy's blood! Wow… That's a good line. I ought to remember it for future speeches.
You have avenged our brothers? Well, that deserves a reward!


  • 10s 44c
  • Shirt of choice:
    • Dusty Sackcloth Shirt
    • Comfortable Cotton Jersey
    • Ribbed Leather Shirt
    • Sensible Leather Breeches