League Title
The Mage's Niece
Start Glok the Knife
End Amanda de Desirae
Level 2
Category Clement's Tower
Experience 120
Previous Elixir of Invulnerability
Next Resistance Sphere
Database Allodsdatabase.png
Listen, I'm going to go on ahead of you. There's still tons of people outside that need to be brought in. I'm also worried about my brothers. You know, we Gibberlings don't handle being alone too well. In fact, it gets quite depressing.
You should go down and make your way through the floor below us. Clemente's niece Amanda should be there.
The two of us had been fighting off the traitors together, but she came up with some sort of plan that involves activating a magic portal. I don't know the details, it's not really my specialty. But please find her and make sure she's safe, okay?
Alright then, I'll meet you on the bottom floor of the tower after I gather everyone together. Good luck!


Find Amanda de Desirae in the Great Mage's storage room.


I heard about my uncle's death...

My uncle was not only my mentor but a great man who lived through the Cataclysm.

It's unforgivable that he fell by the hand of Kanian conspirators!

Unfortunately, now is not the time for remorse, we must activate the portal and evacuate the tower.


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