Neutral Title
The Martyr's Battle
Start Zosim Nikulin
End Zosim Nikulin
Level 30
Category Eljune
Experience 1290
Rewards 57Silver 53Copper
Next The Blessed Rune
The Treant's Curse
Hold on a second, let me get a good look at you. Hm... There's plenty of blood on your hands, but I don't see darkness in your heart. That means you will be able to reach the third level of patronage and forge an even stronger bond with your patron.
The Twelve Great Martyrs had to fight the darkness long, long ago when the Great Cataclysm occured. Yes, that's right - darkness! Let those egghead scientists go on and on about the Astral not being evil! But I know the truth... What else could bring destruction and death? What else can enter weak minds and corrupt them? Darkness, I tell you, darkness!
You'll soon have the opportunity to see for yourself. You'll have to, if you want to pass the next ritual. There are plenty of demons and their accomplices here in Eljune. And many of them should have remnants of this dark Astral energy clinging to them!
Collect twenty such clumps and bring them to me. Then I shall know that you understand what we're up against. And then you shall be ready to strengthen the bond with your patron.


Find 20 clumps of Dark Astral Energy on the Astral demons or demon cultists and bring them to Zosim Nikulin.


Yes... these are what I was talking about. Can you see how they radiate darkness? And how that darkness is intricately entwined with the Astral? This is what the Martyrs were up against long ago, and this is what almost destroyed all of Sarnaut. Now it is time to proceed.


  • 57Silver 53Copper
  • 1290 Experience


This is the first part of a quest chain that allows you to gain the Fourth Level of Patronage.

The energy clumps are dropped by Darksoul cultists and Demon Agents around the Edge of Eternal Night area.

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