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The Missing Scout
Start Amanda de Desirae
End Amanda de Desirae
Level 1
Category Evermeet Isle
Experience 140
Reputation 1000 Survivors
Rewards Minor Potion of Power
Previous Conversation with Amanda
Next Ancient Stones
I have a bit of a problem at the moment. You see, Mila Oakina and Veles Northman went out scouting with us. They're both from noble society, very respected in Kania. They were quarelling quite loudly and I heard Veles was saying something about his brother, that he fights for truth.
I didn't pay attention to the details. Those are human issues and Elves aren't interested in petty quarrels. But maybe I was wrong to ignore them this time.
They were supposed to come back several hours ago, but noone has seen them. I'm worried something might have happened.
To make matters worse, Mila asked me to give her several of those Stones from my Uncle's lab. I saw no harm in letting her study them, but I would like them back eventually! Search for them in the Twilight Forest, find them, and recover the chest full of Meteorite Stones.


Find Mila Oakina and Veles Northman in the Twilight Forest. Recover the chest of Meteorite Stones and return it to Amanda de Desirae.


What a scoundrel! All of that fuss over nobility and honor. I will never understand how humans can be so silly. Now beauty... now that's something worth quarreling over. Anyways, thank you for saving Mila and returning this chest to me.


  • 140 Experience (level 5)
  • 24c
  • 1000 Survivors Reputation


Go to the marked location, and you will see Veles. Kill Veles and pick up the chest that he will drop. Mila will appear and start the Back to the Scout Camp sub-quest. Accompany Mila to the Scout Camp.

Mila Oakina's location