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The Mysterious Plans of the Historians
Start Semer Kiya
End Anatoly Aldanov
Level 35
Type World Mystery - Holy Weapons (Empire)
Category Coba Plateau
Experience 562
Reputation 100 Imperial Army Reputation
Rewards 26s 66c
Previous Historians' Bill
Next Dark Cargo
Database Allodsdatabase.png
Okay, look, here's what we need to do now... You must take this bill to our Imperial Diplomat, Anatoly Aldanov, as soon as you can! You can find him in Asee-Teph, near the Tensess Temple.
He needs to shake up his networks - why do the Historians need so many Dark Artifacts?
And most importantly, what is threatening the Holy Land, why are goblins suddenly fleeing from the allod?


Take the Historians' Bill to the Imperial Diplomat Anatoly Aldanov in Asee-Teph.


A bill for Dark Artifacts?
What do they need them for? Where did they get the money for this purchase?
There is something very fishy here!