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The Official's Intrusion
Start Sarang Ti
End Alexey Shustrin
Level Unknown
Category Nezebgrad
Experience 150
Reputation 100 Nezebgrad City Council
Rewards 34c
Neither the weaklings nor the rats produced the expected results. Fear not, I know what to do. What we need is a real fight against a superior enemy. That would recreate a genuine feeling of courage, despair, and terror. What we could really use now is an enraged lich... But...
Damn it all to hell! That meddling paper-pusher has shown up again, and at teh worst time as always. Subject 69, I suspect he's here to see you.


Talk to Alexey Shustrin in the Sewers.


Is it true that someone managed to survive a trip through the portal?

You did?! It would have been better to have someone a little more presentable, but I guess it doesn't really matter. I have a question for you scientists! Why is the survivor not with the City Council yet? Huh?!


  • Lab Worker's Sackcloth Overalls Lab Worker's Rawhide Vest Lab Worker's Leather Jacket
  • 34c
  • 150 Experience
  • 100 Nezebgrad City Council reputation