Empire Title
The Path to the Bottom
Start Yuri Pronin
End Yuri Pronin
Level 5
Category Nezebgrad
Experience 450
Reputation 150 Xadganians
Rewards 1Silver 4Copper
Database Allodsdatabase.png
How cruel life is! I'm a Xadaganian, the son of the great Empire, and here I am sitting hat in hand at the square!
You want to know how I managed to sink so low? I'll tell you.
I wanted to become a master of a profession. I spent a lot of time choosing the right job and when I finally made my decision, I asked one of the Imperial artisans to take me as an apprentice. They gave me a warm welcome and then I did the most important thing of all - I bought the training book. But I didn't get to read it! It got stolen! And I was left without any money to buy another one.
That's how I ended up with nothing… I wish I could find that thief! I'm sure he's somewhere around here! Oh, how I want my book back! I'd get back to my studies and earn a fortune in a second!


Find the lost Profession Book and return it to Yuri Pronin in the Olds Square.


Ahh... Where are you, my little book... life in this world is hard without a profession...


Oh! This is it! You found it! I'm saved!

Thank you!

I hope my story taught you a lesson! Choose your profession wisely and keep your book safe! Getting a second chance to become a Master costs a fortune!


  • 450 Experience
  • 1Silver 4Copper


Talk to Ilya Taktarov for the book, you can either try to take it by force (which means you will have to fight him) or you can offer 5 silver, in which case he will give you the book for free since he feels pity for Yuri (most players just fight him but apparently, if you offer him the money, you just get it for free).

!!Addendum: I offered to pay and he DOES take the money, so it's best to just fight him to get it for free.

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