Empire Title
The Ritual in the City
Start Igor Pilkin
End Puwa the Crafty
Level 4 (Req. 4)
Category Nezebgrad
Rewards 1Silver 50Copper
Many people passed through me. Everybody needs Patron's powers.
Here is the place for the ceremony.What's important? Astral should be near. Of course, we could arrange everything on shore. But it has been decided that it is convenient. Mana-station next door. And the mana we have from what? Right! From the Astral. So, here is alright.
Don't worry! Succeed. If you're not going to yawn. Look what should be done.
You take this here Astral dust and dispel it by wind in a special place. Right after this fence. Astral winds will blow. Just do not be afraid, stand and wait! Let them… it… blew. And you stay and listen.
Twelve Great Martyrs will begin talking to you. They will check you out and decide who prefers you. What is more suitable to you.
Well, then the most interesting. Astral demon appears to kill you, so you don't get the power. What do you need to do?
Kill the demon. Exactly! That's all.
If you do everything right you will get the power and power never will be enough!


Scatter the Astral dust, defeat the Miserable Demon Mage, and report to Puwa the Crafty.


Rite completed.
Now you can use the power when you need it. Use the Incense, which I'm giving to you. And in the future you will be able to get higher ranks of patronage. Next!


  • 50Silver
  • 315 Experience


Allods 101011 174034
To obtain your Patronage, you must travel to Bort Quarter, where Puwa the Crafty awaits you. To scatter the Astral Dust, turn to the right, where you will see a drainpipe, turn right again, and you will see a platform with a glowing blue orb in the middle. Stand on the platform and right click on the Astral Dust in your bag. Wait until, a Martyr chooses you. Once done, turn back to the drainpipe, where you will see the Miserable Demon Mage, defeat him and hand back in the quest.

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