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The Robbery of the Century
Start Oleg Pravdin
End Rylo the Bloodthirsty
Level 8 (Req. 8)
Type World Mystery - Imperial Ambitions
Category Nezebgrad
Experience 180
Reputation 100 Nezebgrad City Council
Rewards 79c
Next Krutch the Crime Boss
The impossible has happened! This is a national emergency! Nezeb's Staff has been stolen! You see, a new memorial to Nezeb was sopposed to be opened in Victory Park. It's massive monument with figures of great warriors, and the cherry on top was supposed to be a statue of the great Nezeb with... yes, a staff in its hands.
No, they didn't steal that one. That one was made of stone! They stole the real one that was supposed to be displayed at the commemoration ceremony!
Oh my I held it in these very hands! It was the only possession of his that was left behind following his disappearance! It's simply priceless! All of us are

unworthy if someone can steal Nezeb's staff from right under our very noses! Heads will roll and that's the way it should be! Mine should be first!

Wait! Calm down. We will find that staff at any cost. That is our duty! Whoever dared to do this... we'll deal with them, that's for sure. Okay, what you need to do is infiltrate the criminal world. I hear you've been hanging out with criminals a lot recently, so listen and ask around for any rumors relating to the staff.
Now, don't say a word about this to anyone! Don't even discuss it in your dreams! This is the greatest state secret. Any disclosure of this information is punishable by death! Go! You have your orders!


Speak to the criminals near the memorial in Victory Park.


What're you looking at? You looking for trouble? I'll give you trouble! Oh, you don't like me and the boys chilling out by the memorial? You have a problem with that? Well, I don't think the boys like you very much either... isn't that right, boys?! Let's teach this punk a lesson!