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Empire Title.png
Search for Nefer Ur Continues
Start Anatoly Aldanov
End Nefer Ur
Level 35
Type World Mystery - The Battle for the Holy Land (Empire), Dungeon
Category Asee-Teph
Experience 562
Next Defeat Voisvet Belov
Once you get inside Tensess Temple, the first thing you should do is find Nefer Ur! We haven't had contact with him since he went inside, so I hope that everything's all right.
Find him and then do everything he says. I'm sure he'll know what's going on and you can undoubtedly help. If Nefer Ur doesn't know how to put everything in order, then nobody does! He will deal both with the Historians and the cultists! And with the great Tensess, if need be.


Find Nefer Ur in the Heart of Tensess Temple.


Hmm, help has arrived sooner than I had anticipated. Yes, I suppose I did underestimate the Empire. I was sure you'd waste another two or three months dallying around the Temple before thinking to shake the answers out of those treacherous Historians.
It's probably a good thing that I was mistaken... Anyhow, tell me what's been happening on the outside. Then we can procees to fix things in here.


  • 562 XP