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The Secret Key
Start Sarang Minx
End Aleksey Grubin
Level 2
Category The Imperial Ship "Invincible"
Experience 840
Rewards Recruit's Cloth Pants or Recruit's Leather Pants
Previous Cutting Through the Enemy
Next Maintaining Power
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Listen up carefully...
The assault party was targeting this safe here. It's storing an activation key for a very important item, but unfortunately I can't tell you more since this is highly classified information.
The key's security has obviously been compromised, so you must open the safe and take it's contents to First Mate Aleskey Grubin. He'll know what to do with it. Tell Aleksey that the League knows all about... the "device".
I can't explain any more, but he'll understand.'


Open the Safe to get the key

Activation Key (1)

Take the Activation Key from the safe and bring it to the First Mate of the "Invincible", Aleksey Grubin.


In order to reach Aleksey Grubin, you need to complete the quest Fire!


What's the matter, soldier? Don't tell me there's more bad news.


Sarang Minx believes this was no ordinary attack? Hm... This changes things.

We should review our tactics. I'll need to consult with the Captain.

Thank you for giving me this news. As for the Activation key... Well, you seem to have a good head on your shoulders. And most League troops would never suspect that an ordinary soldier like you is carrying something important.

Keep it with you for now, but remember that it is the property of the Empire and must be returned to me as soon as this fight is over!



Recruit's Cloth Pants or Recruit's Leather Pants