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The Spider's Gift
Start Lame Family
End Lame Family
Level Unknown
Category Lightwood
Rewards Ashen Bow of the Shipbuilder or
Minor Potion of Power
6s 96c
Now that you know all about runes we want to ask you for help. We have a number of regular customers who we rebuild broken runes for. These runes are usualy in a very delicate state, and for that reason we cannot trust the regular postal service to deliver them.
Running all over Nezebgrad is also out of the question - at least for us. That's where you come in! I want you to collect five broken runes from our customers and personally deliver them to us. In exchange we'll give you one Incense Cone.
Our customers are Michelle de Grandeur at Big Stones, Shur Diamondev near the Southern Birchwoods, Bogdan Lyutikov near the White Lake, the Thoughtful Family in Gravestein, and Frederic de Grandeur at the Cape of Good Hope.


Collect 10 measures of Sticky Spider Saliva for the Lame Family.