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The Treacherous Engineer
Start Wrokag the Northwind
End Wrokag the Northwind
Level 10 (Req. 10)
Rewards 8s 70c
Listen! I've got a personal favor to ask of you… It concerns Grym the Gloomy, an engineer at the XAES. I remember when he was promoted to chief engineer, how he was hailed like a hero. There were articles about him in the papers, you know. They called him one of the most accomplished goblins in the Empire.
It just shows you that in our country, even a goblin can get promoted at one of our most important institutions. But I never trusted him. He seemed way too shady for his own good. His eyes spent too much time wandering around the plant, and too little time on his assigned job.
And I was proven right! It turns out he's the main traitor in this debacle. He's a dangerous snake, I tell you! And he needs to be punished, once and for all. His fate should serve as a warning to others. Can you manage that?


Kill Grym the Gloomy and report back to Wrokag the Northwind.


Hmm, there's something very wrong in the Empire when we've got saboteurs operating right under our very noses! This isn't good at all…
What? You already took care of it? That's great, that's the way we like to do things around here! Punishment must be swift and harsh! It keeps the Empire the most orderly nation in history!



Grym the Gloomy is the first Boss in the XAES instance.