Neutral Title
The Treant's Curse
Start Zosim Nikulin
End Zosim Nikulin
Level 33
Category Eljune
Rewards Blessed Rune
9Silver 59Copper
Previous The Martyrs' Battle
I think I know a way that I can create a Blessed Rune if you are not able to find one by other means. It'll be fairly dangerous, but I'm sure that a person of your strength will be able to succeed.
Long ago I helped to bless many of the treants in this forest. They were to be the guardians of Eljune and help uphold the ideals of the Light. In order to complete the proper rituals, I gave them many of the Blessed Runes.
The treants performed their duties well for a very long time. However, they were recently tainted by the spreading darkness. If you defeat these monsters, you should be able to find some fragments of the runes they were originally given.
Bring these fragments to me and I should be able to remove any darkness from them. From there I'll be able to combine them to create one Blessed Rune.


Collect 3 Cursed Rune Fragments from the Cursed Treants and return to Zosim Nikulin.



Cursed Treants are Level 30-31 Elite (gold-ring) monsters that can be found in the forest south of Itsmal Ruins. Players claim that creating a raid will improve the drop chances of the Fragments, which are quite rare.

A Blessed Rune can also be bought from the Item Shop or other players. It is required to complete the The Blessed Rune quest, which allows you to obtain the third level of patronage.

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