Neutral Title
The Trials of Being a Golem
Start Vir-Gar
End Vir-Gar
Level Unknown
Category Avilon
Experience 235
Reputation 100 Historians
Previous A Weapon of the Past
Next What do Golems Eat
A Golem's Everyday Toils
Control Sample
What could this squeaking, winking, and head-shaking mean?
Hmm... I can't figure it out!
How can I speak with this clunker?
Perhaps using another golem would help...


Control a June Golem to try to communicate with Vir-Gar.


Oho! Don't worry, junior. Reinforecements are on their way! I'm in the service again!
It's time to get back to our tasks.



Approach one of the Mossy June Golems, and interact with it. You will transform into a golem and will be able to talk to Vir-Gar.

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