Neutral Title
The Truth About the Draconids
Start Vergon
End Young Draconid
Level Unknown
Category Dragon Ring
Experience 480
Rewards 24Silver 67Copper
Next Information for Vergon
It seems that draconids only want one thing from lizards and that's our eggs.
We don't know why, and they aren't chomping at the bit to tell us - they're not exactly the sharing kind. Go to the Cursed Lands - that's where they're taking our eggs. Try to find out what they're doing with them! No matter how terrible the truth may be, we must know!


Learn what happened to lizard eggs that have been stolen by the Draconids.


That explains it! The draconids are bewitching the stolen eggs with their spells. As a result, it's not a lizard that comes into the world, but another draconid!


  • 24Silver 67Copper
  • 480 Experience


Go to Cursed Lands, fight your way to the large altar and investigate the stolen eggs. A Young Draconid will appear:

Truth about draconids

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