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Empire Title.png
The Two-Headed Enemy
Start Crazystorm the Merciless
End Nestor Golovanov
Level 37
Type World Mystery - Strange Cultists (Empire)
Category Dragon Ring
Experience 470
Rewards 23s 50c
Next Meeting the Hero
You know I don't like riddles!
Everything in life should be clear - there's your enemy, there's the axe, you swing, and... there's your enemy's head.
Not long ago the Demon Hunters sent me Gorluxor's head. Someone named Nestor Golovanov said that they intercepted Gorluxor's ship in the Astral. Apparently they defeated the Xadaganian and thought we'd like to know. This all supposedly happened near newly discovered archipelago called Dragon Ring.
We all know that Gorluxor was killed in the Tensess Temple! But now a second head is collecting dust in my trunk and the hunters await their promised reward. What can I do?
It's clearly a sham! The hunters just want money for free. It's absurd! Go to this Dragon Ring, look for that liar Golovanov, and call his bluff! Nobody has two heads!


Find Nestor Golovanov in Dragon Ring and ask about Gorluxor.


That's some news! We're sitting here waiting for the Empire to send us our reward and we get accused of a sham instead! I can see what's going on here! Imperial propaganda seeks to present Demon Hunters as liars and thieves!


  • 470 XP