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The Undead Army
Start Sevek the Savage
End Sevek the Savage
Level 35
Category Coldberg
Experience 225
Reputation 250 Free Traders Reputation
Rewards 10s 66c
Repeatable Yes
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As you may already know, our mine has been overtaken by the undead. Those bony bastards are holed up in there, waiting for wasy pickings. What's worse, the undead have taken to paying us visits whenever the mood takes them. That's why we're always on our toes!
I figure we might as well fight back - hit the mine and put a dent in the undead population. There are two different kinds of them hanging around the mine. I want you to go in and kill eight of each kind.
Don't actually go inside the mine - the skeletons in there are really tough. I've lost so many men thanks to those monsters. Some scumbag necromancer recently ressurected my dead men too, and they're out here wandering among the rest of the filthy undead. We'll eventually end this threat entirely, but for now let's focus on the immediate problem.


Kill 8 Skeletal Enchanters and 8 Skeletal Skullreavers for Sevek the Savage.



The names of mobs in the quest description are not accurate. You need to kill 8 skeletons wizards and 8 skeletons warriors.