League Title
The Waterfolk
Start Thoughtful Family
End Thoughtful Family
Level 13
Category Siveria
Experience 690
Reputation 250 Gibberlings
Rewards Pilgrim's Sash or Gloves of Endless Journeys
11Silver 18Copper
Previous On Ermolai's Trail

The Waterfolk is a quest given by the Thoughtful Family in Gravestein. Your objectives are to kill 8 Waterfolk Marauders and Waterfolk Sorcerers and their leader Slim. You are also to obtain a Richly Decorated Armor.


Go to Steep Horn to find the Waterfolk Marauders and Waterfolk Sorcerers. These you can also kill elsewhere around the river bank towards Gravestein if desired. Their leader, Slim, is to be found on second level in Steep Horn. He will be the one who drops the Richly Decorated Armor. When you have finished the killing, return to the Thoughtful Family for your reward.

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