League Title
The White Knight
Start Dobrynya Nikitov
End Dobrynya Nikitov
Level 21
Category Darkwater
Experience 930
Reputation 1000 Kanians
Rewards Dagger of the Darkwater Defender or Rod of the Darkwater Defender or Darkwater's Defender Longbow
25Silver 85Copper
Previous A Strike Against the Winged Folk

The White Knight is a follow-up quest to A Strike Against the Winged Folk you obtain from Dobrynya Nikitov in Valir Settlement. Your objectives are to kill 10 Traitorous Warriors and 10 Traitorous Sorcerers, aswell as the White Knight, Miroslav Kramolsky.


You will find the objectives deeper into the Thousand Wings forest North-West of the Valir settlement than where you found the harpies during the previous quest. The objectives are level 20/21, and the White Knight 21. The latter you will find in their camp, roughly pointed out by the quest marker on the map (m). Know that before you get into the camp, you will have to go through a gate, heavily guarded by Traitorous Warriors and Sorcerers. These can be pulled away from the rest individually; the others will not follow if one is hit. The White Knight does hit harder than the others in his camp, but is not necessarily harder to kill. Once you have killed the objectives, return to the settlement for your reward.

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