League Title
The Wonderloaf
Start Ivan Tsarevsky
End Ivan Tsarevsky
Level 20
Category Darkwater
Experience 900
Reputation 250 Kanians
Rewards Nobleman's Brass Ring or Nobleman's Silver Ring
23Silver 76Copper
Previous A Little Gift
Next The Xadaganian Rug

The Wonderloaf is a follow-up quest for A Little Gift, given by Ivan Tsarevsky in the Valir Settlement. You are to dig up 10 Sugar Canes and take them back to Ivan King.


The Sugar Canes are to be found among the many Bog Millipedes and Swamp Bats (level 19/20) in the east of the Death Thicket, again in the east of Darkwater. The sugar canes are found when interacting with the plants that blinks if you tap T. Gather 10 of these sugar canes and return to Ivan King for your reward.

This quest goes well together with the quest Searching The Ruins (Level 20)

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