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The Word of an Elf
Start Raoul de Doucer
End Avery de Grandeur
Level Unknown
Category Siveria
Experience 250
Reputation 100 Elves
Rewards Avenger's Heartstabber or
Scepter of the Avenger
4s 75c
Previous Search for the Fugitive
You want to know what my crime was?...


Take the Emblem of the House de Doucer to Avery de Grandeur to show that its head is voluntarily putting himself in the hands of justice.


Even having become an outcast, an Elf never forgets about his honor, which is another proof that our race... Nevermind, I'm not going to talk about this subject.
Well, my mission is done, the Emblem of the House de Doucer guarantees that Carl will keep his word. I won't fail to inform Pierre de Desirae about your part in this affair.
Please accept this weapon as your reward, you have earned it.


  • Avenger's Heartstabber (one-handed spear), or Scepter of the Avenger (one-handed mace), or Scepter of the Avenger (wand)
  • 100 Elves Reputation
  • 250 Experience
  • 4s 75c


This is the last quest in the second part of the The Great Game World Mystery.