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The Report on Yazes Shard
Start Adam Verkhovin
End Yasker
Level 39
Type World Mystery - The Demonic Threat (Empire)
Category Nezebgrad
Experience 368
Reputation 1000 Imperial Sentinels Reputation
Rewards Uncommon Chest Armor
19s 33c
Previous Testing the Key
Next The Only Way
Please go to Yasker and give him my latest report as well as this strange key. Let's hope that he forgives us for our cooperation with League. I know that your service to the Empire has been very great, so I'm sure he'll be more understanding if you're the messenger.
Before you go I'd like to officially thank you for all you've done on Yazes Shard. We're far from winning this battle, but thanks to you we've been able to hold our ground. May Nezeb watch over you!


Speak to Yasker in Nezebgrad.


Well... shat's done is done. If we ignore the shocking details, this mission may be considered a success. A whole army of demons has been forever sealed in the portal dimension. The threat of imminent invasion has passed. Perhaps I'll bend the rules a little this time.
I'll instruct the propaganda department to present these events in a favorable light. Our citizens will believe the Empire played the leading role in this victory. Thank you for bringing me this report.


  • 368 XP
  • Vest of the Victorious Sentinel or Tunic of the Victorious Sentinel or Breastplate of the Victorious Sentinel or Hauberk of the Victorious Sentinel or Chestguard of the Victorious Sentinel
  • 1000 Imperial Sentinels Reputation


This quest solves the fifth part of the World Mystery:The Demonic Threat (Empire).