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Theory Number Two:Loneliness
Start Daniel de Pluie
End Daniel de Pluie
Level 1 (Req. 4)
Category Evermeet Isle
Experience 150
Reputation 1000 Survivors
Another theory concerning the cause of his insanity is loneliness. He as apparently been living on the allod alone for the past few years. No wonder he has lost his wits!
To bring him back to normal, we'll need something from his past, some kind of memoir from his previous life. Our patient's hut is made of the remains of an Astral ship, we can assume he wrecked on some nearby rocks.
Search the coast for a crash site. Perhaps you will find something that can remind the Gibberling of his past and restore his sanity.


Search the north shore for a memoir from the Gibberling's past.


Wow, his family's portrait! If loneliness is the cause of his madness, this is the best possible cure!
Look! He's crying! This means he's regaining his... um... Gibberling feelings!


  • 150 Experience (level 5)
  • 1000 Survivors reputation


Go north and you will find a smal boat and a chest. Open the chest and retrieve the contents.

This quest is part of the The Native Gibberling quest.