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Through the Barrier
Start Anatoly Aldanov
End Anatoly Aldanov
Level 35 (Req. 34)
Type World Mystery
Category Asee-Teph
Experience 562
Rewards 14s 70c
Previous The Goblin Jailer
Next The Search for Nefer Ur Continues
Oh, great Nezeb! Please make it so this mysterious key gets us thgough the main gate of Tensess Temple! We desperately need to get in there and search for Nefer Ur. It would be even nicer if we could find Arhivin as well!
Well, we know for sure that it doesn't open side doors, since those have been accessible for a while. I have a good feeling about this! Go up to the main gate and try to activate the key. May the Light be with you!


Use the Mysterious Key near the main entrance to Tensess Temple.


It worked! The key worked! You were able to get inside! This is fantastic! Now turn around and find Nefer Ur!


  • 562 XP


Use the key right next to the big pillar on the top of the stairs to the Temple.