League Title
Tiger Rage
Start Bazhena Rooteva
End Bazhena Rooteva
Level 12
Category Siveria
Experience 110
Reputation 1000 Molotovka Traders
Rewards Raging Tiger Charm
1Silver 61Copper
Repeatable Yes, immediately.

Tiger Rage is a quest given by Bazhena Rooteva in Molotovka. Your objective is to collect 10 tigers' rages with the provided device, the Tiger Fury Amulet. It is specified which tigers to do this to, look below. As a repeatable quest, this quest can be used to "farm" Molotovka reputation points.


You are to take the fury of 10 Snowfall tigers. These tigers can be found on the banks of the river leading from Molotova to the Salt Lake and range from level 11 to 12. What you are to do is to knock the tigers down to 29% or less health, and then use the Tiger Fury Amulet. This will finish the tiger off. When you have collected all furies, return to Bazhena Rooteva for your reward.

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