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Empire Title.png
To Arms!
Start Whip the Unbound
End Birchy the Merciless
Level 1
Category The Imperial Ship "Invincible"
Experience 220
Next Battle Cocktail
Listen up, everyone!
We've got every single private accounted for, even greenhorns like you! You need to be armed and in uniform, on the double! Unless you think that the League paratroopers will simply surrender the moment they spot your bare asses!
You! What are you waiting for? Scared, are ya? Is this your first battle, rookie?
Well, if you don't want it to be your last, you better move it! Listen to me and you might just make it out of here in one piece!


Equip the weapon in your bag. Then talk to Quartermaster Birchy the Seafarer


Hey, equip your new weapon!

You know I'm not just the Quartermaster... I'm also in charge of handing out punishments to anyone who's disobedient on this ship!


That's it! Now get in there. You're one of the last shreds of hope for the survival of this ship!


  • 220 Experience