League Title
To Arms!
Start Svetobor Ratnev
End Svetobor Ratnev
Level 1
Category Clement's Tower
Experience 110
Previous Audience with the Great Mage
Next Lab Rat Extermination
Database Allodsdatabase.png

This is a tragedy! We must take matters into our own hands and notify League officials about the assassination of Clemente de Desirae. Our only chance of survival is through a portal located on the first floor of the tower. We need head to the portal immediately!
Consider this a field promotion, your service in the League's Army has officially begun!
It would have been nice to be better prepared for the situation, but unfortunately we cannot afford that luxuty. Here, take this weapon, it'll have to do.


Equip your weapon

Equip the weapon that Svetobor Ratnev gave to you and report to him for further orders.


Are you ready to go?


Do not hesitate to use that weapon! Follow me and don't fall behind!



  • To open your bag, press "B".
  • Right-click the weapon in the bag to equip it.
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