League Title
Ton the Windblower's Story
Start Ton the Windblower
End Amanda de Desirae
Level 1 (Req. 4)
Category Evermeet Isle
Experience 150
Reputation 1000 Survivors
Rewards Cloth Shirt or Leather Armor, Shield
Previous The Native Gibberling
Next The Suspicious Ship
Birth of a Masterpiece
Turn away, don't look! It's no often you see a Gibberling cry, but I can't help myself... You brought me back to my senses and with them came grief.
Please give me a moment to collect myself...
My name is Ton the Windblower. My sisters and I were on an important mission when our ship crashed on these rocks. It has been three long years since I landed on this coast, and I'd died here if not for the help of a mysterious benefactor who keeps suplying me with food and weapons.
The last thing I remember is meeting a group of strange Kanians who appeared on the allod. I heard their voices and ran towards them, but those strangers were wicked! They made fun of me and set a giant polar bear after me! I have no idea where they came from or how they got here.
I had resigned myself to live in solitude for the rest of my days long ago. But with all of these new developments, there might be hope after all.


Relay Ton the Windblower's story to Amanda de Desirae.


Well, well... Now it's all starting to add up. I'll have a new mission for you.


  • Cloth Shirt or Leather Armor
  • Explorer's Wooden Shield
  • 150 Experience (level 5)
  • 69Copper
  • 1000 Survivors reputation

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