League Title
Start Acrobatic Family
End Acrobatic Family
Level 8 (Req. 6)
Category Lightwood
Experience 360
Next Unearthed Treasure
Do you know what us Gibberlings are famous for? Our kindness and selflessness!
What? You don't believe me? Well, here's your proof! Trusted Gibberling sources tell us that a treasure is hidden somewhere in the eastern mountains, the natural border of Lightwood.
If you find it, you can keep it for yourself! That's how kind and selfless we are! But you should hurry. Our kindness and selflessness are so great that everyone else already knows about the treasure. They're all looking for it too. What fun, a race!


Find a hidden treasure to the east and report your success to the Acrobatic Family.


You will gain 360 Experience at level 6.


This quest prompts you to find the repeatable quest Unearthed Treasure. Once you have found the treasure and reported to the Acrobatic Family, you don't need to talk to them again. The repeatable quest will be available at the same location every day.

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