League Title
Treasure in the Ice
Start Eric the Red
End Eric the Red
Level Unknown
Category Frozen Frontier
Experience 560
Rewards 13Silver 22Copper
Rumor has it that there's a real treasure hidden somewhere among the northern allods. I have no idea who would have put it there, or even who started this rumor, but it just has to be true! I mean, this place is so mysterious, something like that is totally possible!
It's too cold out there for us to go searching, but you look like you could brave the elements! And of course, all of those nasty creatures lurking among the snow.
You should go and see if you can find it. And if you do, come back and tell us about it! We have a bet going with one of the other families about whether it really exists!


Find the hidden treasure to the north and report your success to Eric the Red.


Aha, so you found it! I knew it had to be out there!


  • 560 Experience
  • 13Silver 22Copper


This quest prompts you to find the Icy Cold Treasure repeatable quest that rewards you with a Steel Chest.

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