Neutral Title
Treasure in the Ruins
Start Shysh the Wind
End Shysh the Wind
Level 28 (Req. 28)
Category Eljune
Experience 800
This is an ancient land, one that has seen many people come and go. Centuries past, the Eljune ruled this entire allod and more, but now they have completely vanished. It is likely that they have turned their backs on nature, and dabbled in forbidden magic in a quest for power.
That is why we forestfolk remain in tune with the land. We listen to the rustling of the leaves, and respect all things in nature. If you seek proof of the June people's folly, you need not look any further than the ruins the left behind.
I hear that there is a great treasure hidden in one of their broken cities. No matter what the stories say, I am certain they do not hold true value. Perhaps you should find it yourself and think about my words. Maybe then you can help your people avoid a fate similar to the June.


Find the hidden treasure in the June Ruins and report your success to Shysh the Wind.


Just as I suspected. These objects are nothing more than pretty trinkets. The most valuable things can be found all around us, in nature itself.


  • 800 Experience


This quest prompts you to find the A Gift from the Past repeatable quest that rewards you with an Adamantine Chest.

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