Neutral Title
Treasure in the Snow
Start Vlas Gergiev
End Vlas Gergiev
Level 34 (Req. 33-34)
Category Coldberg
Experience 900
Rewards 44Silver 71Copper
I heard that there's a treasure out there buried in the snow. But no one wants to go look for it with all those undead out there moaning and groaning and stumbling around.
But You look like someone who can take care of himself! Why don't you go poke around and see if you can find anything.


Find the hidden treasure on Coldberg and report your success to Vlas Gergiev.


Aha! See, what'd I tell you? I knew you could find it!


  • 900 Experience
  • 44Silver 71Copper


This quest prompts you to find the Mysterious Fang repeatable quest that rewards you with an Adamantine Chest.

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