Neutral Title
Unearthed Treasure
Start n/a
End n/a
Level 8 (Req. 6)
Category Lightwood
Experience 90
Rewards Iron Chest
1Silver 39Copper
Repeatable Yes, daily
Previous Treasure!
It looks like someone tried to hide something here! Or maybe someone found it and was ambushed! It looks like both parties were killed in the battle for the chest. It seems pretty shady...
But either way, this chest has no owner and no one is around to stop you from claiming this for yourself.


Open the old chest.


Thank the skeletons for the chest and be on your way. Hopefully there's still something of value still left in the old thing!



You are prompted to find this Treasure by the Treasure! quest from the Acrobatic Family. This repeatable quest will be available at the same location every day.

There are two Treasure locations in Lightwood (you can get both of them every day). The treasure in the mountains requires character level 6, the treasure in Dead Thicket requires character level 8.

Here is a map that shows how to get to the treasures:

Allods lightwood treasure path
Pin-chestIron Chest
Pin-chestIron Chest
Map lightwood
Lightwood treasure
Iron Chest
Iron Chest
Map lightwood
Full size

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