Neutral Title
Unexpected Treasure
Start Unusual Astral Amber
End Unusual Astral Amber
Level Unknown (Req. 18-19)
Category Darkwater
Rewards Steel Chest
Repeatable Yes, daily
Oh. Well, isn't this strange! This cluster of Astral amber looks different from all the others, maybe it's worth a lot more! You should dig it out and see what sort of loot you've found!


Dig around the unusual Astral amber.


Wow! This appears to be an ancient chest! Perhaps it was left by the June people, or perhaps it was left by another inhabitant of Sarnaut. Maybe they thought the magical energy would protect their treasures. You should open it as quickly as possible!



You are prompted to find this treasure by the Sea Treasures quest from Agafon Vodopyanov at the Valir Settlement.

The treasure is buried underwater. Here is a map that shows its location:

Darkwater treasure map Darkwater treasure

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