Empire Title
Urgent Delivery
Start Nezebgrad Guide
End Sino the Merciless
Level 12 (Req. 12)
Rewards 1Silver 51Copper
Next Here is the Horse!
Wait a minute! I have a special order from Wrokag Severny, with Yasker's signature. "Help as much as you can!" Obviously, it's an important matter.
You must quickly bring this bag to IMD to some Sino the Merciless. You can find him on training ground. And you mustn't use portal. This bag should be protected from Astral and magical influence.
You have my approval on using a horse for this task. Run to the Triumphal Arch and find Vladimir Kostin, horseman. He is already warned. He will give you a horse. It will bring you to Sino rapidly.
Hm…Wrokag promised to send a messenger. Did you forget about it?


Talk to Vladimir Kostin, horseman near Triumphal arch in Nezebgrad, straddle a horse and bring Wrokag's bag to Sino the Merciless on IMD Training Ground.


Ah, here you are. Give me this sack. We need to refresh totems' charges…
Who do you like horse ride? Was it good enough? I hope they will present with such horse for good job. I will be an important Orc!


Sino the Merciless can be found in Igsh Military District, at the Imperial Training Camp, (found in the North-West corner). Vladimir Kostin can be found in Bort Quarter, Nezebgrad, on the right of the Bort Quarter teleporter.

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