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The League

Founded upon the precepts of honor, devotion, and nobility, the noble Kanians, mystical Elves, and inquisitive Gibberlings comprise the League. The League is led by Aidenus, a Kanian Great Mage, and spans numerous allods. Thousands of years ago the Kanians were attacked by the Xadaganians, resulting in a rivalry that is now reflected in the League’s unwavering animosity against the Xadaganians and their Orcish and Arisen allies. It's capital city being Novograd.

Races of The League:

The Empire

Ruthless, industrial, and militaristic, the Empire’s single-mindedness is reflected equally in all its citizens - the zealous Xadaganians, the brutal Orcs, and the brilliant Arisen. The Empire is lead by a Xadaganian Great Mage named Yasker, and it is forever attempting to expand its boundaries. Mistreated by the Kanians millennia ago, the injustice still remains hot in the Xadaganians’ blood. This has resulted in a hatred of the Kanians and their allies that extends to all aspects of the Empire’s citizenry. It's capital city being Nezebgrad.

Races of the Empire: