League Title
Rada Lemesheva
Ruta Lemesheva
Disassembling Trainer
Race: Kanian (Humanoid)
Level: 40 Regular
Hostility: League - Empire
Location: Novograd
Rep. Faction: League Suppliers' Guild

Rada Lemesheva is a Disassembling Trainer.

Features in Quests


Name Level Required Price
Disassembler's Training Manual none 38Silver
Disassembler's Oblivion Potion none 38Silver
Shoddy Pincers none 6Silver 41Copper
Basic Pincers 20 47Silver 50Copper
Enhanced Pincers 30 2Gold 37Silver 50Copper
Deluxe Pincers 40 11Gold 87Silver 50Copper
Shoddy Scissors none 6Silver 41Copper
Basic Scissors 20 47Silver 50Copper
Enhanced Scissors 30 2Gold 37Silver 50Copper
Deluxe Scissors 40 11Gold 87Silver 50Copper
Kit of Ancient Clothes 95Copper
Kit of Worn Clothes 95Copper
Kit of Fancy Clothes 1Silver 90Copper

Pin-defaultRada Lemesheva
Map novograd
Rada Lemesheva's location
Rada Lemesheva
Map novograd
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