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Rubies are additional skill points that can be used to unlock new spells and talents, or to improve old ones.

The first ruby can be bought at character Level 10 from your class trainer. You can buy one ruby for every character level after that.

You will receive up to six rubies from completing certain World Mysteries quests, one for achieving the highest possible amount of Combat Glory, and one for completing a level 40 quest that involves gathering Astral Gemstones. You can also get five rubies for completing the Great Mage's Diary quest line, one ruby for each page (though achieving this is nearly impossible).

You can acquire a total of 46 rubies by level 42 (though closer to 37 is a more realistic goal).
Talent grid example

A Mage's Talent Grid

Talent Grids

Rubies can be spent in the Talent Grids tabs of the Talent panel. To unlock a talent, you need to connect it with the middle square of the grid. You can only connect them by selecting squares horizontally or vertically, spending 1 ruby at each square, which means that you might have to waste some rubies to get certain talents. Each talent square can be chosen once, but there are duplicate squares that can be stacked with each other.

You can see an example of a Talent Grid on the right. To get the highlighted talent, a mage will have to spend 3 Rubies to connect it to the middle square, and one Ruby to unlock the talent.

Cost per level

At every character level above 10 you can buy an additional ruby, each more expensive than the previous one. Each ruby costs a specific amount of gold, whether you buy it immediately or decide to get it at a higher level.
Level Price
10 1Gold
11 1Gold 14Silver
12 1Gold 29Silver 96Copper
13 1Gold 48Silver 15Copper
14 1Gold 68Silver 90Copper
15 1Gold 92Silver 54Copper
16 2Gold 19Silver 50Copper
17 2Gold 50Silver 23Copper
18 2Gold 85Silver 26Copper
19 3Gold 25Silver 19Copper
Level Price
20 3Gold 70Silver 72Copper
21 4Gold 22Silver 62Copper
22 4Gold 81Silver 79Copper
23 5Gold 49Silver 24Copper
24 6Gold 26Silver 13Copper
25 7Gold 13Silver 79Copper
26 8Gold 13Silver 72Copper
27 9Gold 27Silver 65Copper
28 10Gold 57Silver 52Copper
29 12Gold 05Silver 57Copper
Level Price
30 13Gold 74Silver 35Copper
31 15Gold 66Silver 76Copper
32 17Gold 86Silver 10Copper
33 20Gold 36Silver 16Copper
34 23Gold 21Silver 22Copper
35 26Gold 46Silver 19Copper
36 30Gold 16Silver 66Copper
37 34Gold 38Silver 99Copper
38 39Gold 20Silver 45Copper
39 44Gold 69Silver 31Copper
Level Price
40 50Gold 95Silver 01Copper
41 58Gold 08Silver 32Copper
42 66Gold 21Silver 48Copper
Total 532Gold 3Silver 48Copper
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