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The planet Sarnaut was once a thriving world, where many societies lived, grew and fought together; warring for larger territories where settlers established thriving agricultural and mercantile economies.


Several fertile continents stretched across the planet where civilisations prospered and expanded. The largest of these was Yul, divided among three of the most powerful races. The seat of the ancient Elven kingdom was Airin, in the northwest of Yul, where their strong political system allowed them to extend protection to their surrounding allies. The Zem tribe wandered the southern desert until they were utterly destroyed by a plague during the June Curse. And the Orcs warred in the east, following the teachings of their tribal ancestors.

The first human kingdom in the world of Sarnaut was created by the Junes. A peaceful people, they lived beside the Elves for many centuries before succumbing to a mysterious curse. They all but disappeared, leaving behind only a ruined kingdom and the puzzle of their demise.

As time passed, a new people, from the Aro tribe, came to the crumbling remains of the June kingdom. Sensing weakness, the Orcs poured in from the east, waging a fierce and bloody war against these newcomers. Under the leadership of the Great Mage TENSESS, the Aro triumphed, and established the nation of Kania.

This peace was short lived, however. The Great Mage NEZEB, a hero from the war with the Orcs, challenged TENSESS and, in an epic magical duel, lost. He was cast out, banished to the southern deserts where the Zem once roamed. There, he met a nomadic people called the Ugra, and he became their leader, training them up and leading them in second war against Kania.

NEZEB named the conquered Kanian lands Xadagania. Another strong, independent human nation was born, the seeds of the endless war between Kania and Xadagania planted and come to fruition.

These power remained tenuously balanced for several millennia after the curse, until the Great Cataclysm occurred.