Faction The Empire
Archetype Savant (Summoner)
Armour Cloth Only
Specific Ability Dark Touch - Fully heals all pets of the caster.

Class Background

Summoning is a natural gift to all Arisen. Even after two thousand years the Arisen have a lot to teach to their Xadaganian colleagues. However, the sense of this magic discipline has changed for the Arisen. In the past, an Arisen summoner’s main task was to prepare the dead for resurrection. Known for their thoroughness and great abilities to use magic and learn quickly, Arisen are now solving others matters; hence appeared a new name for this chosen path: Savant.


  • Hellion: Mechanical Scorpion
  • Fiend: Mechanical Sentry Turret
  • Lurker: Mechanical Tep Blades
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