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Faction League
Archetype Seer (Psionicist)
Armour Cloth from level 1, Leather from level 20
Specific Ability

Premonition - Allows the caster to predict his enemy’s actions and thus avoid any of their melee attacks.

Brilliant Aura - Passive mana regeneration for allies in a 30 yard range.

Class Background

Mental magic is one of the types of High Magic. If all other races show abilities with the variety of forms of High magic, the Gibberlings are only known as masters of one. The explanation of this paradox lies in the Gibberlings religion and is related to their skill with fortune telling. The Gibberlings don’t want to seek answers on their own as they consider this to be a waste of time which only a clever Kanian or Elf pays attention to. If there is a gift, wonderful, if there is none, may the Thread bless you.

Class Overview

Seers are universally accepted as one of the best one against one fighters, in PVE and PVP, and are often wanted for Heroics for their aggro reduction skill (Telepathic Gift) and buffs (Disciplined Faith 15% to Int and Perc - Rapid Metab 15% to Expertise and Strength in Combat, 30% speed increase out of combat). Seer damage output is nothing special compared to other classes and requires time to build up (Choke), and are easily killed. But their defense relies primarily on their offense, their ability to lock down and control their enemies using a variety of skills.

In PVP you are expected to take down Scouts/Warriors/Paladins/Mages without much problem providing they are somewhat equally levelled and geared. You will have problems with Wardens and Summoners until mid to endgame, at which point you can simply mental cleanse a summoner's DoTs and use your racial to stun and mental link the master without interruption, allowing Will Suppression to take over and disable the pet. Healers are expected to be complete stalemates, even for a good Seer, their healing will simply outheal your slow Choke Damage build up, and even if you stun and burst damage them, once they get Holy Shield, they can simply escape and heal.

Endgame Role: Buffer, Utility, and CC (Surprised to not see DPS in here? Our Choke takes time to build and can be interrupted easily.)