Outdated as of v9.0 Allods Online The Awakening

Different stats are more or less important based on your class. For example, Strength is important to a Warrior, but not really to a Mage. Allods takes some of the guesswork out by highlighting the stats that are important to your class in your character sheet and on gear that you pick up. At each level when you get a new stat point, try focusing mainly on those stats that are most important to your class.

As far as important stats are concerned, all classes can be broken down into three categories. Note that these are NOT class "roles" like your classic Tank/DPS/Healer, they are simply a way to group classes together based on what stats are important to them.

Important Stats by Class

Physical Damage:

Primarily focused on weapon damage, classes such as Paladins, Warriors, and Scouts.

Deals more damage with weapons, either one, two-handed or paired.
Deals more damage with weapons by ignoring most of the target's armor.
Increases chances to hit more often.
Increases the chance to crit more, give less glancing blows.

Spell Casters

Primarily focused on spell casting,classes such as Mages, Psionicists, and Wardens.

Deals more damage with spells
Deals more damage with spells by ignoring most of the target's armor.
Increases mana
Increases the chance to crit and improves healing abilities.


Like Spell Casters, but also have healing abilities, classes such as Summoners and Healers.

Deal more damage with spells.
Deals more damage with spells by ignoring most of the target's armor.
Increases mana.
Increases healing abilities.
Increases chance to crit and healing abilities.

(Even though Wardens have healing powers for themselves and their pets, Faith is not highlighted as an important stat for them. Thus, they are categorized under Spell Casters.)

As you can see, Luck is important to each class since it increases your chance to land a critical hit. Some even argue that you should put all or most extra stat points into Luck to maximize your crit chance, and rely on gear to increase your other important stats.

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