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Summoners have learned to master the dark power of death magic. They have the ability to drain the very life from their enemies and transfer it to their allies, making them extremely proficient at healing many allies at once.

Summoners are also able to cast many offensive spells, and can inflict their foes with deadly poisons and shadowy diseases.

Additionally, they can command undead and demonic minions to aid them in battle. Summoners are sometimes referred to as Necromancers due to translation differences.

Race, Classes and Special Skills:

Summoner classes:

  • Defiler
    Racial ability: Art of Reanimation Art of Reanimation - temporarily increases the Strength and Expertise of the summoner’s minions by 30%.

Summoners can only use cloth armor. Armor & Equipment by Class

Summoner Talents

Summoner talents include abilities that they are able to summon minions to aide them in battle, as well as damaging and healing spells.

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