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Main spells can be learned in the Talent Tree tab of the Talents interface (hotkey N). Additional spells and improvements of them can be found in the Talent Grids when the Summoner reaches level 10.

Talent Tree

Acid Bolt.png Acid Bolt
Putrefy.png Putrefy
Vampirism.png Vampirism
Blood Injection.png Blood Injection
Blood Aegis.png Blood Aegis
Summon Hellion.png Summon Hellion
Fear.png Fear
Dark Pact.png Dark Pact
Summon Soul.png Summon Soul
Plague of Mending.png Plague of Mending
Dark Renewal.png Dark Renewal
Volatile Infection.png Volatile Infection
Reanimation.png Reanimation
Summon Lurker.png Summon Lurker
Siphoning Fever.png Siphoning Fever
Rise from the Dead.png Rise from the Dead

Talent Grids

Talent Grids allow additional customization of a build.

Acid Bolt.png Acid Bolt

Arrow up.gif Talents
Blood Tap.png Blood Tap
Burning Acid.png Burning Acid
Calculating Mind.png Calculating Mind
Catalytic Blood.png Catalytic Blood
Concentrated Acid.png Concentrated Acid
Corrosive Acid.png Corrosive Acid
Darkweaver.png Darkweaver
Desecration.png Desecration
Summon Hellion.png Master Summoner
Shadowy Reach.png Shadowy Reach
Summon Fiend.png Summon Fiend

Putrefy.png Putrefy

Arrow up.gif Talents
Advanced Genetics.png Advanced Genetics
Debilitating Plague.png Debilitating Plague
Empowered Infections.png Empowered Infections
Evil Genius.png Evil Genius
Frightful Presence.png Frightful Presence
Necropotency.png Necropotency
Neurotoxin.png Neurotoxin
Fear.png Panic Monger
Plaguebringer.png Plaguebringer
Virulence.png Virulence
Withering Touch.png Withering Touch

Vampirism.png Vampirism

Arrow up.gif Talents
Blood Flow.png Blood Flow
Call of the Grave.png Call of the Grave
Dark Gift.png Dark Gift
Vampirism.png Dark Leech
Endless Pain.png Endless Pain
Dark Pact.png Reanimator
Blood Aegis.png Healing Shield
Howl of Death.png Howl of Death
Insidious Touch.png Insidious Touch
Reservoir of Blood.png Reservoir of Blood