Tailoring is a profession that can use Disassembled cloth to create new cloth armor, which is useable by Mages and Summoners (sometimes called Necromancers in tooltips).

To learn Tailoring, you need to visit a Tailoring Trainer and purchase a Tailor's Training Manual.


Tailoring is a crafting profession complementary to Disassembling.


You need to purchase a Tailoring Kit from the trainer.

Skill Mechanics

To begin creating items, right-click on the Tailoring Kit in your inventory.

Increasing the skill

The first thing you will have to do after meeting with the Tailor Trainer is a quest where you have to make 10 neckties.

1) Open trade with the trainer and purchase a tailoring kit.

2) Click to open the tailoring kit in your bag. Keep bag open and click the "regents" tab.

3) Right click the Damaged cloth in your bag. It is green. It should go to your tailoring kit.

4) hit craft.

5) the top 3 boxes are to increase your chances for making something successful. Click on these when they are +1 +2 and more. The bottom 3 boxes are for making your product worse. You have to click on these, too. It would be best to click on them when they are +0 or +1.

Tailoring Products

Required skill level is given in (brackets) before name.

When you craft an item, you can 'fail' and produce:

Quest Items (worthless, starter item)

Damaged Enchanted Cloth

Damaged Imbued Cloth

Damaged Blessed Cloth

Damaged Enchanted Cloth

  • (34 - 42)

Damaged Imbued Cloth (again?)

Irregular Enchanted Cloth

  • (54 - 66)

Irregular Imbued Cloth

  • (68 - 80)

Irregular Blessed Cloth

  • (82 - 90)


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