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Use the Shield template to list the properties of any Shield device that can be used on a ship.


Copy-paste the contents of the white box into your article, fill in the information (name, numbers) about the device, and save the page.

|Name = 
|Weight = 
|Power = 
|Recovery Rate = 
|Charge =
|Energy Consumption = 
|Crystal Type = 
|gold =
|materials = 
  • gold: the amount of gold required by the Hangar Overseer, in cost template: {{cost|gold|silver|copper}}
  • materials: any additional materials that may be required (for second/third generation devices), separated by a semicolon (;).


The following data:

|Name = Glittering Astral Shield I
|Weight = 4.025
|Power = 11148
|Recovery Rate = 34.5
|Charge = 30000
|Energy Consumption = 0.35
|Crystal Type = Unusual Shiny Shield Crystal
|gold = {{cost|30||}}
|materials = material 1; material 2; material 3

Will look like this:

Glittering Astral Shield I

Weight: 4.025

Power: 11148

Recovery Rate: 34.5

Energy Consumption: 0.35

Shield Crystal: Unusual Shiny Shield Crystal Shield Crystal