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Ths template can be used to add talents and spells to the wiki. The template formats the data, and automatically places the talents into categories.

You can then create links with tooltips by using the Template:Spell (like this: Fire Arrow)


Copy-paste the contents of the white box into your article, fill in the information (name, numbers) about the talent, and save the page.

|class = 
|name = 
|ranks = 
|spell type = 
|range = 
|radius = 
|mana cost = 
|energy cost = 
|cast time = 
|cooldown = 
|precast = 
|description = 
|caster condition = 
|target condition = 
  • class: Warrior, Paladin, Scout, Healer, Warden, Mage, Summoner, Psionicist (this will add the spell to a category). For patron spells, use the word "Patron" instead.
  • name: the name of the spell or talent
  • ranks: maximum possible number of ranks
  • spell type: Fire, Frost, Astral etc (leave blank if it has no assigned type)
  • range: maximum spell range, if it has one
  • radius: maximum radius of spell effect, if it has one
  • mana cost: the mana cost of the spell, at any lowest and highest levels (for example, 50 (10) - 500 (40), which will give an overview of the spell cost at level 10 and 40)
  • energy cost: the energy cost of fighter talents
  • cast time: how long it takes to cast the spell
  • cooldown: if the spell has a cooldown, add it here
  • precast: if the spell can be prepared in advance, type the number 1 in this field
  • description: in-game description of the spell (damage numbers that depend on stats should be left out, rank differences can be shown as 5/10/15% etc)
  • caster/target condition: if the spell requires special conditions type them here, separate different conditions with the <br /> tag (for example: Condition1 <br /> Condition 2 etc)


|class = Mage
|name = Flash
|ranks = 1
|spell type = Lightning
|range = 
|radius = 
|mana cost = 335 (40)
|energy cost = 
|cast time = Instant
|cooldown = 20s
|precast = 
|description = Teleports you 35 yards forward.
|caster condition = Your target needs to be close enough
|target condition = 



Ranks: 1 Spell Type: Lightning
Mana Cost: 335 (40)
Cast Time: Instant
Cooldown: 20s
Teleports you 35 yards forward.

Required Caster Conditions:
Your target needs to be close enough

|class = Mage
|name = Fire Arrow
|ranks = 3
|spell type = Fire
|range = 40
|radius = 
|mana cost = 257 (40)
|cast time = 1.5s
|cooldown = None
|precast = 1
|description = Throws a fiery arrow that inflicts damage.

Fire Arrow.png

Fire Arrow

Ranks: 3 Spell Type: Fire
Range: 40 yards
Mana Cost: 257 (40)
Cast Time: 1.5s
Cooldown: None
This ability can be prepared in advance
Throws a fiery arrow that inflicts damage.