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The Arisen, Zems or the people of Zem are the oldest of the playable races in Allods Online. Only 300 years ago they were resurrected, almost two thousand years after their death. With the power of immortality, the Arisen are destined to rule the future of Sarnaut.

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The Arisen is the official and commonly given name for this race. They are also often referred to as “people of Zem” or more simply “Zems”. Their distinct appearance, combined with the fact that they have come back from the dead has earned them the nicknames “Returners”, “Zombies” and “Ironmen”.

Regardless of the joking and derisive nature of these nicknames, the Arisen are a force to be reckoned with and instil both respect into their allies and fear into their enemies. They are a powerful force within the Empire.

Zems were once tall, slim, and dark skinned mortals with amber eyes. Although their mortal bodies have long since withered away, mechanical parts and a face mark ensure that the Arisen continue to live and survive in Sarnaut. These changes and the adoption of mechanical parts in their bodies forms part of their deep history, and it allows those who died thousands of years ago to rise again.

The Arisen are full-fledged citizens of the Empire since the rule of Yasker. They have made much progress in the three centuries since their resurrection. They were once weak-minded slaves working in harsh conditions, deep in the Xadaganian mines. However, as time went on their intellects grew, along with the ability to provide their lands with Astral ships and mana stations. Monthly 300 to 400 women and men of this fascinating race "rise" to life in Sarnaut.

The Xadaganians and Orcs sometimes joke about their fellow imperial citizens, most often commenting about their coldness, concentration and detachment from life. Despite this, they are respected by all, even if their mummified flesh has been replaced by mechanical body parts or at least hidden under their clothes. They are completely accepted as citizens and are an important part of the Empire, contributing much to its common goals .
“Only a fool would dare risk offending an Arisen”

Simply said Arisens are scientists. Their names consist of two words - scientific title and actual name mostly derived from Egyptian mythology. Junior scientific titles are Semer, Sarang, Yaver and Sarbaz; senior scientific titles are Yasskul, Nomarkh, Negus and Nefer being the highest title possible. There is only one Nefer among Arisens - their leader and Great Mage Nefer Ur.



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The Savants, summoners of the Arisen. Formerly the prime task of the Savant was preparing the dead for resurrection, the role of the Savant has evolved into a jack of all trades when it comes to magic, making the Savant a quick adapter and problem solver.


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The Occultists are the well-respected psionicists of the Arisen. The Occultists are scientists and savants who have developed new forms of both technology and magic for the Empire. Working with cutting-edge magic, they have even mastered powers such as mind control.


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The Heretics are healers or "priests" of the Holy Church of Light. Lacking faith in the gods, the Heretics stay subjective and thorough in their studies of the Holy Magic. They are strict followers of the Xadaganian church, and are dedicated to mastering the Holy Magic.


Main article: Sorcerer The mages of the Arisen, the Sorcerers are embracers of the elements, scholars of the Xadaganian wizards, and the backbone of the Order of Magic Governance, an integral part of the Imperial army.

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Items sold by these Quartermasters require character Level 14 for Trusted gear, and Level 15 for Respected.

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